Easily create social media hubs that engage your audience and showcase your content, community and partners.

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How it works

In just a few clicks -- aggregate, publish, engage, and measure your community or brand's story.


  • Easily add all aspects of a community's or business's social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitch, and RSS feeds.
  • Additionally allow your contributors to post directly to your widgets.
  • Friends2Follow is great for showing off your own social media coverage. Add your Facebook page, your reporters' Twitter feeds, and even the photo department's Instagram.
  • Traditional print and banner advertising aren't for everyone. Use Friends2Follow to reach new advertisers and re-connect with old relationships.


  • Easily customize widgets on a per channel or contributor basis. With a few clicks you can add a logo, adjust fonts, and adjust colors to match any brand.
  • Friends2Follow widgets work in any desktop or mobile space.
  • Friends2Follow is 100% white-label. You choose the name and branding.


  • Set it and forget it; social media streams automatically update with optional moderation.
  • Easily set start/end dates for streams and how many posts they can display per hour or day.
  • Easily set your streams to filter out profanity and retweets.
  • Easily edit, delete, or make posts sticky.


  • Detailed exportable reports as broad as a widgets overall performance, to as granular as the clicks on a specific post.
  • Schedule report emails to always be up to date on how your widgets are performing.
  • Friends2Follow widgets offer your audience real content and have higher user engagement than normal banner advertising.


Friends2Follow provides all of the tools you need right off the bat. No tiered pricing. No gimmicks. Proven results.

Social media aggregation Organize any Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitch, or RSS streams into Channel-specific and Contributor-specific widgets.
Revenue opportunity Feature the social media of local businesses and venues to drive new revenue.
Easy account management Set it and forget it; automatically streams updates; easily delete posts, moderate and limit frequency of posts. All available on a per stream basis.
Find contributors Easily find social media active businesses and venues in your area. Include the "Add My Posts" button in your widgets, so possible contributors can get in touch.
Actionable reporting Detailed exportable reports as broad a widgets overall performance, to as granular as the clicks on a specific post.
White label You choose the name and branding for your social media widgets.
Widget Builder Makes deploying and modifying Friends2Follow easy even for non-technical staff.

Some of our clients

Friends2Follow is trusted by over 350 brands and media companies.

Morris Multimedia
Boone Newspapers
Sound Publishing
Civitas Media
Rust Communications
The Seattle Times
Newspapers of New England
Evening Post Industries
Landmark Media Entperprises
Western News & Info

"Streaming YouTube videos on Friends2Follow's widget "really hit (auto dealers') sweet spot. They want to develop social media followers and leverage traffic and visibility."

Geordie Wilson

"When Friends2Follow was included in the bundle offered by our clients, our closing rate jumped by 18 percentage points!"

Bob Kellagher
Senior Associate - The Blinder Group

"(The merchant) can post and in real-time it shows up on our home page. They think that is incredible. The first time they see it they are amazed and never want to go off of it."

Vince Johnson

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